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Santa Monica - Muji Opens Second Store

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Muji Brings Japanese Minimalism to New Santa Monica Store

Japanese retailer Muji expands its presence in Southern California with a Santa Monica store.

Muji's Santa Monica store will cater to shoppers looking for form and function.

After striking success with its Hollywood location, beloved Japanese lifestyle retailer Muji is setting up shop in Santa Monica on Saturday, June 28.

With over 650 stores worldwide, Muji has built its brand on simplicity—its original name, mujirushi ryohin, literally translates to “no branding, good products.” That ethos will be no different in Santa Monica, where shoppers can expect the same razor-sharp focus on usability and minimalism.
While the Hollywood location caters more to tourists, Muji U.S.A Limited President Asako Shimazaki said that Santa Monica’s 6,300-square-foot store will cater more to locals. 

“[It] will emphasize the kinds of products that people [use] on a daily basis,” Shimazaki said. “For example, the store will put a focus on Muji’s functional and durable cooking tools and tableware, bedclothes and bath towels that feel fresh against the skin, and natural, reliable skincare products.”

Muji's linen shirts are among its most popular items.

In honor of the Santa Monica opening, the brand is releasing a travel mug with the original 1980s print used on its first furoshikicloths. Shoppers can also expect an expanded collection of Muji’s high-quality lifestyle products, including the brand’s cult-status linen shirts, sketchbooks and pens, durable suitcases, wood furniture, and luxe bath products. In addition, Santa Monica-themed stamps will be on hand to personalize purchases like notebooks, stationery, and tote bags.

Muji's minimalist Japanese style is a trademark of the brand.

The store will also introduce some products that reflect the company’s aesthetic that Californians recognize and appreciate. “Consumers in Southern California live within the context of a strong culture of California architecture and California lifestyle, so they are able to see clearly the essential value of a product,” Shimazaki said. “For the opening, we’re planning something through our Found Muji products, which will spotlight some beautiful tableware from Japan.”

To celebrate the store opening next Saturday, Muji is gifting the first 1,000 shoppers with a complimentary notebook and Santa Monica-themed “my bag” tote (with purchase), but all shoppers are welcome to stop by, check out the store, and sample some of Muji’s delicious snacks and drinks. 2936 Main St., Santa Monica, 310-566-8345 

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